• Training Solutions
    Nowell and Associates is a private practice, and all patients are seen at the practice.
  • We provide a range of services including individual, group, family, and couples therapy.
  • We also provide Crisis Intervention services, and lectures at schools, and professional organizations. We are a practice that is skilled, excited,and on the cutting edge of therapy. The descriptions below are a brief synopsis of what is available, but duties may be added or taken away based on the skill level and interest of each candidate as well as the needs of Nowell and Associates
  • Positions are open for a candidate on the master’s track for clinical therapy or
    a recent graduate from a masters program that prepares for state licensure. This position involves working with a variety of clientele including individuals, families, groups, and professional organizations.  A candidate must work well with others, be coachable, and have good writing and communication skills.
    Although the ages of the clients range it is possible to focus on cases within a specified age range and specialty area. Program development as well as clinical therapy will be an active part of this position.
    Supervision will be provided by licensed clinicians.

  • There are position tracks for students pursuing a doctoral level degree, or a
    recent graduate from a doctoral program in Psychology.

Clinical Only: This position involves providing therapeutic services to a diverse
clientele. Program development including curriculums for groups as well as
trainings will be expected. This position will focus on therapy and not testing for
those clinicians who are not seeking testing as a major career focus, but who
want to expand their clinical expertise.

Assessment: This position involves providing therapeutic services to a diverse
population as well as psychological testing. Testing may be needed for adults as
well as children the candidate may specify a population of interest for testing.
Although therapy will be a part of this position, testing and the development of
training and resource programming will also be components of this position.

Organizational: This position will include therapy and testing, but to a lesser
degree. This position focuses on Executive Coaching and organizational
development at the professional and corporate level. Details will be discussed a
the time of application.